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New Year message - Chairman Hu Jibao

Staff comrades:

happy New Year everyone! In our constant efforts and struggles, the unforgettable 2015 is over. With the joint efforts of everyone, the company's 25th year mission was completed. During the year, the global economic situation is still not good. Insufficient orders, product price cuts, and costs are gradually increasing. However, under the leadership of the general manager, all employees are aggressive, hard-working, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of the heat and cold, work hard, overcome difficulties, making our business indicators better than in the past. The economic benefits remain small and profitable. At the same time, the company has undergone great changes in many aspects during the year. For example, the appearance of the factory is neat and tidy, and unprecedented changes have taken place; the product quality and finished product rate have been improved, and it has been highly praised by customers; the production cost has been well managed, and the production cost has decreased by a large amount this year; Knowledge and technology employees, distributed in various positions, make the company full of vitality and vitality; in terms of business, we have developed several international large customers, and developed products with higher grades and higher added value, which has laid a lot for the next year. Good foundation. These changes are all integrated into the wisdom and sweat of all our employees. Here I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone! In the past year, a number of advanced representatives such as advanced collectives, model workers, outstanding employees, and technological innovation experts have emerged. They set an example for everyone, and here I would like to express my warm congratulations and sincere respect to them!

We are about to begin experiencing the challenging 2016. This year, we will establish a high-quality, high-level leadership team, integrate the best management team, improve and establish new management models, and propose more challenging strategic goals. In this year, we must also invest funds to improve equipment and facilities and enhance production support. Gradually realize the production line of each process, reduce the labor intensity of operators; realize the mass production of high value-added products; realize the reduction of various expenses by more than 5%; achieve the finished product rate of 93% or more; realize the improvement of the overall income of employees by more than 10%.

Comrades, we are confident that we can achieve our strategic goals for 2016. Chairman Cui Baoyu's strategizing, Wang Chuanqing's general manager has a well-rounded mind, and the cadres are gearing up. We have all the diligent and ingenious Baoyi people. As long as we are up and down, we will be able to make Baoyi a world-class foundry manufacturer.


In the new year, I wish all employees good health, happy work, happy family and good luck!