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Po overflows Group won the first outstanding supplier of ZF company Award

2018/08/09 10:06
  September 6, First Supplier Conference held ZF, I was awarded the title of outstanding suppliers. The general manager of it on behalf of the company Shiqiang podium, warmly congratulated and welcomed by ZF senior leadership.
The German ZF is one of the world's famous 500 companies, the top ten in the world construction machinery industry, especially automotive engineering mechanical gearbox products is world-renowned. The ZF company has always been known for quality and good reputation, therefore the suppliers also very high.
  Po overflow from 2009 began to enter the supply chain of the ZF, before and after the development in all four of the a successful concrete mixer gearbox castings, and forklift bracket. Stable quality, abide by the contract, and close partners in the ZF. Business volume increasing business volume of nearly 2000 tons of these products this year.
ZF in China has more than 100 types of suppliers. This year is the first supplier ZF to enter the Chinese market appraised. After a comprehensive evaluation of the client, the scoring, the Po overflow Company, among the best, get the ZF inaugural Outstanding Supplier Award. ZF treasure overflow award-winning reviews: treasure overflow ZF mixer truck gearbox castings and machining process similar products play a crucial role "!