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Po overflows Group, Melting Industry 60% complete infrastructure

2018/08/09 10:06
Po overflows Group, Melting Industry 60% complete infrastructure
——New projects using advanced technology to achieve a low-carbon energy saving efficiency
  Melting Industry 35 million investment and ancillary buildings and facilities on the basis of full scientific proof, Po overflows Group, Po overflow factory broke ground on August 6, has completed melted and Industry (2200 square meters) 60% of the main foundation engineering,civil engineering plans completed by October 10.
  Melting Industry and supporting the construction project is completed, the production environment, production efficiency will be greatly improved. Meanwhile, for the expansion of the resin sand molding area, new casting production lines, and laid a solid foundation to improve the production capacity. Advanced energy efficient intermediate frequency electric furnace hot metal melting operation four sets of 10 units instead of the existing ordinary electric furnace. Annual savings of coke per ton of hot metal melting saving 240 degrees, the annual saving combined 1100 tons of standard coal, reduce the cost of 3.3 million yuan; transform ordinary cupola long Cupola melting capacity of the country to promote large or 400 tons of standard coal, the realization of benefits for 1.2 million yuan. After the completion of the new project, to further enhance their market competitiveness and development potential, not only to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, but also greatly enhance the social benefits.
In order to speed up the progress of the project and to ensure the quality, the Group Melting Industry projects as a top priority of the regulatory work, the main leadership personally intervene project progress, project responsible comrades insist on-site office, strengthen inspection and supervision and communication, at any time to solve the problems encountered .