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In 2022, Passed ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 management system certification. The static pressure horizontal molding production line was officially put into operation.

In 2021, it won the first prize of Tianjin Technological Invention Award and the national honorary title of "specialized, refined and new" little giant; passed the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" management system; invested 40 million yuan to add a static pressure horizontal molding production line; annual output and The sales volume exceeded 20,000 tons, and the sales revenue reached 260 million yuan.

In 2020, Affected by the global epidemic, production was stagnant in February and resumed quickly in early March; the Hubei Junting flywheel housing project was developed; a 3,600-square-meter post-processing workshop was built.

In 2019, Shanghai Xinyan 3-ton intermediate frequency induction furnace was put into use; 7 sets of automatic grinding machines were newly installed; the 2,355-square-meter processing line workshop was renovated and expanded; the painting production line passed the acceptance.

In 2018, it passed the IATF16949:2016 version change audit; invested more than 3 million yuan to increase the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection equipment. In the same year, the high-silicon molybdenum marine turbocharger parts won the gold award for high-quality castings at the "International Casting Expo" organized by the China Casting Association. The annual output exceeded 18,000 tons, and the sales revenue exceeded 200 million yuan. The total profit and product quality of the enterprise have reached a record high;

In 2017, it successfully developed Siemens (Tianjin) box series products; invested and participated in the National Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Innovation Center; and passed the national "safety production standardization" certification and audit work.

In 2016, 22 million yuan was invested to introduce Japan's Shinto FCMX casting production line and put it into operation. Invested 15 million yuan to build a standard machining workshop with an area of ​​14,100 square meters.

Develop a series of products such as flanges and boxes of German SEW Company.

In 2015, we developed new products such as the automobile cylinder block of Westinghouse Brake Company in the United States, the output shaft housing of Liebherr in Germany, and the upper bearing of Shenyang China Resources Sanyo. The new organization was officially put into operation, and the enterprise transformation and upgrading strategy was fully implemented. The company has become one of the first batch of enterprises with access to the foundry industry in the country.

In 2014, the high-end product German ZF company's 16-speed transmission main box was put into mass production, and the key components of automobile turbocharger were developed, marking the company's technical level to a new height. The company has been recognized as a national "high-tech enterprise" and a "little giant" enterprise in Tianjin.

In 2013, a number of management and technical personnel from the foundry industry were hired to join the Baoxin team. In September, Tianjin Baoxin Foundry Co., Ltd. was listed on the Tianjin Stock Exchange. Developed series of bearing chambers from Liebherr in Germany, oil inlet flanges from IMI in Sweden, oil inlet flanges from ZF Company, Harbin automobile exhaust pipes, etc.

In 2012, the foundry workshop of 3,300 square meters was renovated, 4 sets of high-efficiency and energy-saving electric furnaces were newly installed, and a new multi-contact pneumatic production line was installed. Developed and developed Westinghouse 8-inch cylinder head, forklift box, protector housing, etc.; American Emerson company motor housing, etc.; German SEW company reducer housing, Japan Sumitomo company pin gear housing, etc.

In 2011, through equipment financial leasing, more than 30 advanced machining centers and CNC machine tools were purchased. Develop new products such as DANA's wheel hub and star wheel frame; French Conor's crankshaft and adjusting arm; Sweden's TA company's valve body and other new products. The company's sales revenue exceeded 180 million yuan, and the machining output value reached 35 million yuan.

In 2010, the newly developed HUB and flange section projects of Liebherr Company; the pump casing project of Beijing Huade Company; the differential casing project of DANA Company; the output of casting products exceeded 15,000 tons that year. On July 22, Tianjin Baoxin Foundry Co., Ltd. was established.

In 2009, 4 new products including ZF support box and round box were developed. The adverse effects of the financial crisis gradually eased in July. In that year, 8,794 tons of casting products were completed, and the output value of completed machining was 15.08 million yuan.

In 2008, a new micro-vibration pneumatic casting production line was built in Baoding factory. Developed the lift components project of OSHKOSH Company in the United States. Affected by the global financial crisis, production and sales still reached a good level.

In January 2007, foreign senior technical management talents were hired, and the product quality, technological level and corporate influence were improved. Implemented in March and passed the TS16949 quality management system certification.

In November 2006, the Canadian Baoyi Foundry Group was established. The annual output of castings exceeded 12,000 tons.

In April 2005, the enterprise resource information system ERP was introduced. In June, Beijing Duoxing Company and French PMGI Company were hired for diagnosis and consultation on the production, operation and management of the enterprise.

In January 2004, it passed the QS-9000 quality system certification. In January, Tianjin Baoding Foundry Co., Ltd., a state-owned enterprise in the county, was bought out. The project of developing key auto parts of the international "three major automakers" is a national-level "Torch Plan" project.

On July 1, 2003, the state-owned enterprise "Tianjin Baoding Foundry Co., Ltd." was leased. In October, the second Japan Shinto FBO production line of the leased factory was installed and put into operation. In October, it passed the ISO9001-2000 version certification. In December, the Sino-US joint venture "Tianjin Baonuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd." was established. The annual output exceeded 8,000 tons.

In 2002, the German ECO furan resin sand production line was introduced, and the GE bearing housing of Norka Engineering Company was successfully developed. Newly installed and put into operation the Shinto FBM line in Japan, and the annual output exceeded 5,000 tons.

In 2001, the TPM equipment management mode was implemented; the series products of the Japanese Sumitomo reducer manufacturing company, such as pin gear housings, machine bases and flanges, were developed.

In 2000, the pump body and valve series products of Danfoss Company were successfully developed.

In September 1999, the Japanese Shinto FBO casting line was introduced. In November, it passed the ISO9002-1994 international quality system certification of French BVQI. Develop crankshafts, cylinders, lower bearings and other products of Shenyang China Resources Compressor Co., Ltd.

In 1998, the organizational structure of the company was reformed tentatively. Update the process to realize the double melting of cupola and electric furnace.

In 1997, a comprehensive wage system reform and production technology reform were carried out. Develop a series of train quick joints, line parts and other businesses of BAIC Motor Import & Export Corporation.

In 1996, referring to the practice of Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises, we designed and produced the casting line of the molding machine by ourselves. Introducing the new 5S concept of on-site management and the A management model, the product quality and employees' ideological concepts have been improved by leaps and bounds.

On May 1, 1995, Tianjin Baoyi Industrial Products Co., Ltd. was established. Develop cylinders, crankshafts, upper bearings and other products of Beijing Embraco Snowflake Compressor Co., Ltd.

In 1994, the factory site of Baoyi Company was established in Nanhu Development Community, Ninghe County. Develop the business of Tianjin Machinery Import & Export Corporation in Japan and other countries.

In 1993, the crankshaft, valve cover and cylinder head products of Tianjin Zanuxi Compressor Co., Ltd. realized supporting processing.

In 1992, the Dongzhuang Brick Factory's Dongzhu workshop was leased, and the cooker products were mass-produced and exported to the Middle East.

In 1991, Developed crankshafts, valve covers, cylinders, stove heads, cookers and other products of Tianjin Zanussi Compressor Co., Ltd. Compressor parts are included in the national "Spark Plan" project. In 1990, Lisheng Metal Parts Processing Factory in Ninghe County, Tianjin was established. The whole factory has more than 30 employees and an annual output of more than 200 tons. The main products are sporting goods, barbells and locks. Products are exported to the United States through Hangu Sporting Goods sales.

In 1989, the company set up a metal parts processing plant.