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The party branch convened celebrate seventy-one forum

2018/08/09 10:07
OntheafternoonofJune30,thePooverflowGrouppartybranchheldinBaodingcanteentheQingseventy-oneforum,22partymembersand13activistsattendedthemeeting.ThemeetingwaspresidedoverbythebranchsecretaryHuJigang.  A
  On the afternoon of June 30, the Po overflow Group party branch held in Baoding canteen the Qing seventy-one forum, 22 party members and 13 activists attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the branch secretary Hu Jigang.
  At the meeting, the deputy secretary of Inverstigation to explain the party building knowledge and convey the spirit of the meeting of the private sector work of party building in Dongli District, thanks to the question-and-answer format, everyone was in high spirits, and actively participate in, receive better learning outcomes.
  Followed by discussion: the old party members, Li Xiang, Zhao Shuchun, activists Hu Xiaojing have spoken, the expression of the love of the party and based on the thoughts and feelings of their own good work.
  Deputy general manager, the union Chairman Zhang growth further development and construction of the party and party in the new era of great achievements for counseling reports, his layman's language and speak with the facts, we understand, has been warmly welcomed. General manager Shiqiang also attended the meeting as an ordinary party members and talk about their own feelings and experiences: Po overflows Group, shoulder social responsibility, to solve the problem of employment of more than 600 people, and pay taxes to the state. We treasure overflow is also building a socialist. "P & G" 10 people in the recognition of the backbone of the business, he said when it comes to party members and the role of the 6 party members. Foreign companies lead to set up party organizations, and to give financial support. He hope the branch gave lectures to cultivate good activists. Administrative funding to give support. This product is in a transition stage, very difficult job, need to activists of all party members to make greater efforts. After the meeting, the company presented to the meeting of party members and activists souvenirs.